Belizean Souvenirs

souvenirs While the handicrafts and artwork of Succotz artisans are the primary focus of the Riverside Shops, some shopkeepers showcase an array of products and crafts from throughout Belize. Bright, multi-colored backpacks, purses, hammocks, table cloths, shirts, and ponchos are just a few of the many Belizean textiles that can be found here, and typically at bargain prices. The shops also feature an endless supply of Belikin (the Belizean national beer) products, including bottle openers, key chains, lighters, ash trays, and t-shirts. And, if you're looking for something in particular that you can't find at the Riverside Shops, ask a shop owner and he or she can likely point you in the right direction.

Central American Souvenirs

Central American souvenirs Although the majority of souvenirs and products are Belizean-produced, lying directly on the Western Highway and just seven miles east of the Belizean-Guatemalan border, the Riverside Shops is a trading post to Central Americans from neighboring countries. Shopkeepers venture into Guatemala to purchase from and trade with vendors in that country. To the right, an assortment of Nicaraguan volcanic vases, Lencan vases from Honduras (featuring black and white stylized lizards), and green marble knives and figurines from Guatemala highlight the international draw and collection of the Riverside Shops.